Borrower Tips

As a professional lending outfit, we advise that borrowers are aware of factors to consider when obtaining a loan. Here are some factors that you should cross check prior to borrowing.

Borrow what you can afford to pay only

Prior to taking up a loan with Power Credit, you should know your own financial limitations, consider what other obligations that are currently tying you down and ensure that you have enough room to move.

Pay in a timely manner to maximise your benefits

Being early or punctual for your payment can save you unwanted fees that you may incur if you pay late. Make a checklist of your current debts and due dates to help stay in tune with your repayment dates.

Know the terms of your loan

We advise that you ask us any questions when in doubt, especially when it comes to the terms of your loan agreement. This will ensure an optimal borrowing experience with us.

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